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The food at ‘La Cocina’ is prepared from the highest quality ingredients such as Spanish saffron, the world’s most expensive spice. Jeganathan mastered the art of French culinary with his years of training in Switzerland and has cleverly fused this technique in his Spanish cuisines. For example, the stocks and sauces used on the dishes are taken to a different level by using a reduction method, which takes at least six hours to prepare.

Table Reservation

The table is kept for 10 minutes after the reservation time. We appreciate you being on time.

Food Delivery & Pick-Up

Not everybody has the time to prepare tasty food. We hope you'll appreciate food delivery service.

Air Asia Food

Order your favourite spanish cousine which now available via Air Asia Food App.

La Cocina's Mixed Seafood Casserole

Large prawns, scallops, New Zealand mussels, fish fillet in a creamy fish sauce with dijon mustard. yummy!

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